Russian Sunrise

A Novel of Faith and Hope

Bruce W. Walters, M.D.

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This is a novel exploring in detail what might be, based in broad concept on what will be. It is written for all those who are discouraged by present world circumstances, and who may be tempted to see the apparent waning of the once-Christian West as a sign that all hope for the future is lost. This book presumes that it is precisely when the whole world thinks that the Church has once and for all been defeated, that She will rise again to bring honor and glory to God. This will happen through a miraculous series of events, in such a way that the whole world will know, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the restoration of peace, prosperity, and right order in the world of nations was brought about through the intercession of Heaven. This novel depicts one possible set of circumstances through which such great events might yet unfold. It is not written to prophesy in detail exactly what will happen, but rather to engender – hope in faithful souls now tempted with profound discouragement – that such things, in some similar manner known to Heaven alone, will happen.